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Paint is only part of the impression made by any room decor. The invisible ingredient in obtaining the Wow Factor in any area repainting begins with complete surface preparation.


At McConnell painting we cut no corners on the journey to an exceptional finish. A perfect finish begins with a close examination and repair of the existing wear in each area. As your home ages, it settles and shifts. A seamless final look depends on the application of chalking to gaps and cracks around windows, doors and moldings.

Once the edges of the walls have been readied any wall surface dents or marks are then filled, sanded and primed. This process is repeated until your walls are ready for the finishing touches.

McConnell painting takes the time to go beyond simply cutting in around room fixtures in order to ensure a crisp final look. All electrical cover plates are removed and ceiling fixtures dropped to permit paintwork to flow under and behind them. This also that any future updates or changes to fixtures can be simply made without further paint touch-up




The final step in the journey to a perfect outcome is the expert selection of the appropriate paint finish for the particular area use. With the area thoroughly prepared, McConnell painting achieves the lasting impression with the application of two coats of top line Benjamin Moore paint.